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Thought Leadership Copywriting for Holistic Brands

Turn Your Brand Into A Force Of Nature.
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Let our expert team show you how to become the natural choice for your ideal clientele

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In Nature, healthy relationships create competitive edge. 

These days, “holistic” doesn’t set you apart any more. The digital space has become a cut-throat jungle. And slick marketing gimmicks quickly wear out their welcome.  Thankfully, Nature models the solution.

We use masterful copywriting skills to help health & wellness brands create healthy connections and tower above “competition” by:

1. Creating branding that makes you THE #1 natural choice for your clientele

2. Positioning you as the thought leader your customers are looking for

3. Helping you build consistent, authentic, profitable, win-win relationships with your followers, your customers… and maybe even your “competitors”.

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Grow Beyond Competition

Branding & Copywriting Services for Holistic Companies

We can help you express your value so clearly, authentically, and consistently that you become THE natural choice for the people you’re meant to serve. Here’s how: 

Branding & Positioning

Now that “holistic” has hit the mainstream, your brand needs to position you as THE #1 choice for your ideal client. Our unique 8-step Intuitive Branding process makes it easy! 

Professional Copywriting Services

We bring your relationship marketing strategy to life with consistent, reliable copy that wins the hearts and imaginations of your ideal clients.

• Website Copywriting

• Email Writing

• Landing Pages

• E-books & White Papers

• Case Studies

• Blogging

• And so much more!

Copy Consulting

Want to give your in-house writing that professional competitive advantage? Our copy consulting services can help you polish up your copy affordably!

Team training also available.

Meet Our Partners

Ona Christie Martin

Founder & Principal Consultant

Ona Christie received her copywriting training through the prestigious American Artists and Writers, Inc., and has studied the business of copywriting under master copywriter and marketer Dan Kennedy. She founded Green Ink Copywriting as a freelancer in 2008, to put her writing skills and passion for marketing to work serving green and sustainable business. 

Ona soon developed a reputation as a versatile master of words with the intuitive ability to explain even highly technical and complex subjects in ways the layman can understand. Over the years, she has helped dozens of companies—from solopreneurs to top level agencies and multi-national corporations—improve their client retention, lead generation, and sales conversion through the written word. 

Due to increasing demand for her services, Ona partnered with her daughter Aster to incorporate the business (as Green Ink Consulting, LLC, d.b.a. Green Ink Copywriting) in 2019. Shortly thereafter, they hired their first copywriter, who will be joining as a full partner in the business in 2022. Together, they decided to focus on serving the sector they all feel most aligned with: holistic health and wellness (and related industries such as natural food). 

As a serial entrepreneur (she is currently owner and/or partner of three additional businesses, including her intuitive healing practice), Ona brings a wealth of experience and  marketing expertise to her branding clients—including her unique 8 step Intuitive Branding process to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs position their brands to be THE natural choice for their ideal clients. 

To get in touch with Ona about consulting, speaking, and/or networking opportunities, please email her directly at, or send her a connection request through LinkedIn


Heather Glass

Head Copywriter

 • Journalism degree from Northern Michigan University

• Extensive subject matter expertise in holistic health, natural food, and fine wine



Heather Glass professional copywriter headshot

Aster Michelsen

Client Concierge & Content Manager 

 Aster grew up looking over Ona’s shoulder as she worked on copy. By the time she graduated from high school,  Aster was capable of banging out articles and emails of a professional caliber.

However, she has no intention of following in her mother’s footsteps. With a strong background in customer service and a natural flair for systems and organization, Aster prefers to play a supporting role in the company. And boy are we glad for her services! 

We like to call Aster “the glue that holds Green Ink together.” Whether she is following up on a client question, proofing a piece of copy, or making sure each task is done correctly and on time, Aster excels at keeping everyone (clients and home team alike) on track without feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 🙂



“Your articles were FABULOUS! So love working with you and know there will be more opportunities to come….”

– Missy Henriksen

VP Public Affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals

“I own a fast growing business with an overflowing workload. So every now and then I need to hire freelancers to help “drain the swamp.” (Green Ink Copywriting) has been a great asset in that respect. The writing and editing comes back on time and as I want it. I would have no hesitations in recommending (them).”

– Sean Greely

CEO & Founder, NPE Fitness (2008 Glaser-Kennedy Infomarketer of the Year)

“(Green Ink Copywriting) is AWESOME! Ona’s copy-writing expertise combined with her intuitive compassion makes being visible a whole lot simpler. She helped me rearrange my website in easy ways that more clearly express my message and passion in serving – a task that I dreaded became a lot of fun.”

– Karen Perry

Founder, Life Coaching With KP

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