FTC’s crackdown on Greenwashing – top 4 things Green marketers should know

Last February I wrote a short post about the FTC’s Green Guides – regulatory rules for Green marketing (Are Your Green Claims FTC Compliant?).  At that time common wisdom seemed to be that following the Green Guides, while a very good idea, was still largely a voluntary measure.

However, Greenwashing is a hot topic and one that has a lot of consumers up in arms (for good reason.)  The FTC  has started to enforce these rules seriously – and not only for big companies.  So if you’re not keen on the idea of being hounded by government regulators, it’s time to sit up and pay attention, and make sure you stay in the FTC’s good graces.

Green CSR strategist and Green marketing consultant Perry Goldschein recently posted an excellent article on this topic which I highly recommend reading.  Here’s an excerpt:

Up until recently, green marketing has been somewhat of a “wild west” as a result of increasing consumer interest, a lack of “truth in advertising” claims enforcement, a dearth of definitions or standards around green marketing claims, and an accompanying explosion of “eco-labels” (over 300 and counting).

That’s changing rapidly, as the FTC cracks down on “greenwashing” and soon issues new environmental guidelines. Following the end of a long, eight-year enforcement hiatus, the FTC has filed several greenwashing complaints and sent several dozen warnings to others since 2008. In fact, the FTC now considers prosecuting misleading green marketing claims as one of its seven priority areas for its consumer protection division.

Read the rest of Perry’s article here: “FTC Ending Green Marketing’s “Wild West?” Top 4 Things to Know.

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