Show, don’t just tell, your customers what’s in it for them

How to educate your customers effectively without causing confusion or turning them off

Part 2: Show and Tell in your marketing…

…but especially show.  Try to come up with ways your audience can experience your ideas with their senses.  Anything hands-on is great.  Involve their imaginations, and their emotional as well as their rational minds.  By engaging as much of the whole person as possible, you’re much more likely to get through to them, especially if they’re distracted or have preconceived ideas or objections you need to overcome.

Live or video demonstrations, case studies, testimonials, before-and-after pictures, samples and free trials are all excellent “show me” techniques proven to engage customers and encourage sales.

So is quantifying – translating raw data (such as X number of kilowatts of energy produced per hour) into concrete real-world examples your customer can wrap his mind around (like, “that’s enough to power every single appliance in your home with juice left over to crank the stereo – and it’ll save you $xx.00 per month on your utility bill!)

And don’t forget storytelling – one of the most powerful “show-me” techniques available.

Showing lets your prospects come to their own conclusions based on real or imagined experience and is often much more powerful than straight-up telling.  Try “showing” – both directly using hands-on experience, and indirectly in your marketing copy – and see what a difference it makes in your sales.

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