Buying as a Spiritual Act

My blogging friend Souldipper blessed me with a particularly relevant post today. She calls it Making Spiritual Down Payments, and it’s worth perusing, especially if your clientele leans even a little bit towards the spiritually progressive.

The first part of her post recalls her introduction to the world of finance when, as a teenager, she bought herself a graduation gown on layaway.

The thread of thought becomes more esoteric in the second half, however.

“Today, I wanted to make another down-payment,” she writes.  “I decided to make a contribution towards the evolutionary Transformation of our planet – a tad bigger goal than buying a house.”

Hmm. Interesting concept. Was she planning to sit for four hours on her back porch and meditate on world peace? Teach yoga to fourth graders? Start a progressive nonprofit?

As it turns out, no. Her contribution was in fact much more mundane – but with perhaps far more ground-shaking consequences. Especially to the business world.

“I decided to deal with a situation that did not sit well in my soul,” she continues.  “I wrote to a business that has not lived up to the sales pitch that motivated my doing business with them.   I explained my point of view with no inflammatory words, just facts from the heart.”

Dealing with a situation that did not sit well in her soul. A beautifully phrased statement, and one that I believe we should all take to heart.

“I closed by explaining that they will lose my business if they respond condescendingly, with quotes from their policy manuals or philosophies from their mission statements.   I invited them to be creative because clients are not longer willing to live without authenticity and service.”

Souldipper, you have that one right. And you’re not the only one. From individuals like you to the protesters on Wall Street, a new wave of consumer consciousness is surfacing in this country and elsewhere. People want more than just low prices and pretty images. They want to know that the businesses they buy from have integrity, values and purpose.

In other words, the act of buying is no longer just a business decision or a matter of convenience. It’s a conscious undertaking with spiritual consequences.

“They may not care, but I know they will remember my email,” concludes Souldipper.

I’m sure they will. And if they’re smart, they’ll pay attention.


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