Losing streak? You’re in grrrrrrrrrrrrreat company!

Did you know that on average, a Tiger only succeeds in bringing down prey once every 10 to 20 hunting attempts?

A 5 to 10 percent success rate may seem like a pretty poor track record. But for all that, the Tiger OWNS the jungle.

Being a winner doesn’t mean you never lose. It simply means you don’t let it stop you. Actually, there’s gold in your mistakes. They can definitely show you what NOT to do next! 🙂

Anyway, whenever it feels like the odds are against you, think about Tiger and be glad you don’t have to take down a water buffalo any time you want a meal (or score a client). Chances are your odds of success are a bit better than that (and your prospects a bit less…well…hairy.)

So go for it!

De-stress without leaving your desk

Sometimes it’s easier to think about being relaxed than to actually relax – especially when you have work you need to get done.

Being in nature really helps me to center and ground myself. But it’s pretty hard to be out there all the time. There are times when I need my nature fix but just can’t leave my desk.

It used to really stress me out, but one day I discovered that just listening to the sounds of nature while I work is an instant de-stresser.

There’s a guy on YouTube named Johnny Lawson who posts a bunch of nature sounds videos. They really help me chillax into my day! Try it sometime when you have a lot to get done – perhaps they’ll help you, too.

Here’s one of my favorites:

What’s your favorite stress relief strategy for busy days?

“It was just a little thing, but…”

mouseThe other day for some reason the topic of washing machines came up. I mentioned to my husband that I really like the one we have now because it sings a cheery little tune when the wash is done.

He laughed, but I insisted that it does make a difference. Our old one would let out a loud “BLAAAT!” at the end of the cycle. And my reaction was always, “Oh, no, the wash is done, now I have to go deal with it.”

Now, when I hear that little tune, I think, “Oh, good, the wash is done!” 🙂

It’s a little thing. But it does make a difference in my mood. And compounded over time, I’m sure it makes a positive difference in my life – which no doubt ripples out to those around me.

Little things can have big impact.

Do little things like that matter in business, too? You bet they do!

Little things like being put on hold, the quality of the hold music, whether a receptionist smiles or frowns when you come in the door, the smell of a waiting room, how easy an invoice is to read and pay… they all affect a client’s experience.  Sometimes it’s the little things that win or lose the deal.

Pay attention today to the little things in your life, and in your business. Notice how they affect you and/or your clients, either positively or negatively. If the latter, how hard would they be to change?