Have you seen this cool tool for explosive social impact?

“It is much easier to put existing resources to better use than to develop resources where they do not exist.” — George Soros

star-997393_640We all know social media is an incredible path to influence. But what if you could take your existing social media presence and leverage it for many times your usual impact?

My friend Karen Riordan Palmer just introduced me to an awesome tool for amplifying your social media impact if you have a compelling message you’d like to share.

It’s called Thunderclap.

I am not an affiliate of Thunderclap and have no connection with it or its developers. But I think it has tremendous potential and thought you’d like to know about it.

Thunderclap is an app that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an “online flash mob.”
How it works is, you simply click a link to show your support by sharing a single message on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr feed at a pre-scheduled time.
That way, instead of shares trickling out over days, they all happen at once. The message then gets amplified many hundreds of times and becomes a powerful statement that’s impossible to ignore.
It works best when you have a message that really resonates with your tribe’s core values or interests.

For instance, you could organize a Thunderclap around a charity event. Or use it to help spread the word about a lost child. Or to publicize a webinar that offers to solve a problem for your audience.

Thunderclap has a free option and several affordable paid levels starting at $45. For the free option, you set a goal for the number of supporters and if you reach it, your message gets sent at the appointed time. With the paid options, it gets sent regardless.

Would you like to see it in action?

Check out Karen’s campaign.

Her message is to spread the word about one of the largest global peace initiative events ever: the 2nd World Parliament on Spirituality that will take place this November.
The goal of the event is to create a Global Peace Initiative and Master Action Plan for Peace for the purpose of increasing the level of love, prosperity, and peace in the world.

When she first told me about it, she said they had just passed the halfway point toward their goal of having at least 100 people sign up. 51 is not a lot of people, but their estimated reach at that point was over 200,000!!

So you can see what a powerful social media leveraging tool this is.

Plus, it’s super easy for people to do.

It takes about 15 seconds and doesn’t cost a thing.

If this sounds like something you might use some day, I encourage you to support a campaign. Participating will help you remember Thunderclap as an option should you ever have an event that could benefit.

If Karen’s message resonates with you at all, test out the Thunderclap user experience for yourself by clicking her link. Share your support by clicking the red buttons on the center of the page. (You’ll also be helping her reach her goal, since she’s using the free version of the app; as of yesterday she still was a few supporters short.)

Or, find another campaign to support.

What do you think? Can you see yourself ever using Thunderclap to get your message out? How do you think you would use it?