Why Pinterest Rocks, and the Best Way to Schedule Pins

Viraltag logoIf women – especially well-heeled U.S. and Canadian women between the ages of 25 and 45are an important demographic for your retail business, and you are not yet using Pinterest regularly, here are a few facts you should know:

  • Pinterest rocks social sharing in the retail category, snagging 41% of shared content vs. Facebook’s 37%, according to a survey by social login provider Gigya.
  • Pinterest users spend significantly more on the average transaction than traffic from any other social source, including Facebook.
  • Pinterest continues to enjoy robust growth, particularly in the mobile sector.
  • It is now possible to schedule pins in advance, making adding Pinterest to your social media strategy so much easier.

Scheduling regular pins does make a difference. I recently started scheduling just one pin a day for one of my clients, and she reports a five-fold increase in Pinterest trafffic as a result.

The best way to schedule pins

Unfortunately, most comprehensive social sharing applications, such as Hootsuite and Buffer, don’t yet include Pinterest in the mix. That leaves just three Pinterest scheduling options that I am aware of: an app called 10Alike (formerly Reachli), Piquora, and Viraltag. (Let me know if you come across any others.)

Let me tell you about my experience with 10Alike/Reachli: it sucked. Enough said. Although to be fair, they were undergoing a major restructuring during the time I began using the app. So they may turn out to be OK after all. The service is free, so you won’t lose much if you want to try them out. Except for, possibly, a fair amount of time and patience. If you try them, be sure to read the instructions in the initial pop-up carefully, since you may not get another chance once you dismiss it. (If you should happen to have a good experience, please tell me about it – I might reconsider my evaluation once they’ve figured themselves out.)

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use Piquora, but I’ve been using Viraltag for a couple of weeks now and love it. It is very easy to use. Once it’s set up you can pin right from your browser toolbar. It takes just a few seconds, and you can customize the title and exact timing of your pin, as well as choose which board you want to pin to. (Just one word of warning: I had trouble using Firefox with the app, but it runs flawlessly for me on Chrome.)

Viraltag is not free (although it does come with a free 2-week trial), but with price points starting at $4.99 a month it’s affordable enough for anyone. If you have been neglecting Pinterest because you just don’t have the time to pin regularly, do consider testing this option.

(Or, if you’d rather not deal with it at all, but would still like to find out how an increased presence on Pinterest might improve your traffic and sales, drop me a line – I’d be happy to talk to you about taking it off your hands.) 😉


Affiliate disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Viraltag, Piquora, or (God forbid) 10Alike.