Copywriting Bootcamp 2009

Oh my, but it’s been a long time since I posted here!  Bad practice, I know.  I don’t believe in excuses, but the truth is I really have been busy with a ton of projects, both for clients and for my other business, Performance Energy.  I suppose every entrepreneur has those times.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to get chatty about what I’ve been doing, but to voice my excitement about what’s to come – specifically, American Writers and Artists’ Copywriting Bootcamp!

For those not in the know, Bootcamp is one of THE premier events in the sales writing world.  It’s a 4-day conference in FLORIDA!!! (great news for us freezing Northern writers!) But it wouldn’t matter if it were Alaska – I’d still be excited.

Many of the country’s premier copywriters will be there – it’s a great place to make connections and more importantly, boost one’s writing skills up a notch or two.   Last year (my first year there) I swear the energy was palpable.  (Imagine hundreds of super creative, sociable people all gathered together for intensive study of a topic they’re all fascinated by and you can see why.)  I was buzzing for a week afterward.  And for sure my writing made a quantum leap forward because of the experience.  (Even my husband noticed!)

This year is shaping up to be, if anything, better.  Why?  Because my favorite marketing hero, Dan Kennedy, is scheduled to present two sessions!  (I’ll try to stop short of screaming like a crazed Beatle fan, I promise!)

I’ll do my best to post about the experience as it happens, so stay tuned…