The Ultimate Success Secret

The Ultimate Success Secret book
Success insights from Dan Kennedy, Tom Ribar...and yours truly!

What an honor, to be included in a book – especially one by an amazing individual like Dan Kennedy.

Now, I don’t necessarily subscribe to Dan’s political views.  But like so many others I’m awed by his marketing genius and appreciate his “no-bull,” tell-it-like-it-is style.

I first found out about Dan through one of my clients.  Sean Greeley of Net Profit Explosion, LLC (2008 Glazer-Kennedy Infomarketer of the Year) hired me to go through and refresh a couple year’s worth of newsletter articles.  (They help fitness business owners gain new customers and increase their profits – if you’re in the fit biz, check them out – they’re very good.)

Anyway, as I was going through these articles, I realized, OMG, I’m getting paid to read thousands of dollars worth of incredible marketing advice,  including specific how-to techniques for landing new customers, regaining lost customers, increasing per-customer profits, etc.  Stuff any business owner would give his eye teeth for.  So what if it was written for gyms and pilates studios?  You could adapt this stuff for any business.

Well, Sean kept mentioning this guy called Dan Kennedy.  So I thought I’d check him out for myself.  I subscribed to his “No B.S.” newsletter and joined the Wisconsin  Glazer-Kennedy marketing chapter and mastermind.  And I can’t tell you what an incredible impact he’s had on me, both in terms of growing my business and personal success.

So, I considered it a true honor to be invited to contribute a chapter to a book co-authored by Dan and Wisconsin Glazer-Kennedy chapter leader Tom RibarThe Ultimate Success Secret: Wealth Building and Success Secrets of Wisconsin’s Top Entrepreneurs. The book is an easy read, but don’t be fooled – these two business veterans reveal solid nuggets of success wisdom any entrepreneur would do well to take to heart.

And as an added bonus, the book contains additional chapters by accomplished Wisconsin and Upper Michigan entrepreneus – including yours truly!  (In my chapter I share seven of my favorite secrets to creating sales writing that gets results.)

You can get your own copy of The Ultimate Success Secret: Wealth Building and Success Secrets of Wisconsin’s Top Entrepreneurs here.  It’s a great introduction to the philosophy that made Dan one of the most sought-after copywriters and marketing gurus in the world, and can help anyone become more successful, both in business and in their personal lives.

Even if it isn’t green.

Anne Michelsen is a freelance writer specializing in helping Green and renewable energy companies enjoy increased attention and greater sales through dynamic sales copy and insightful content.

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