Book Review: Tailoring the Green Suit

Dan Smolen, green executive recruiter
In "Tailoring the Green Suit," Dan Smolen has created the definitive manual for landing your dream Green job.

Green.  Jobs.  Two topics of vital interest in today’s economy.  And judging by many of the discussions I’ve seen posted lately on social media, and by the regular influx of unsolicited resumes that pass through my hands while helping my husband with his solar business, more people than ever are seeking to combine the two.

While I’m not currently in the market for a Green job (I’ve created my own, thank you), I do like to keep tabs on every aspect of the Green economy.  The demand for Green jobs has certainly caught my attention.  So when Green business executive recruiter Dan Smolen announced the publication of his new book, Tailoring the Green Suit: Empowering Yourself for an Executive Career in the New Green Economy, you can bet I perused it with interest.

Green executive job-hunting advice that’s practical and to the point

Tailoring the Green Suit isn’t just about finding green-collar employment.  It’s (excuse the pun) tailored exclusively to individuals aspiring to positions of leadership in the new Green economy:  executives and entrepreneurs.

While the book is definitely a quick read (weighing in at a slim 82 pages exclusive of bibliography and index) it makes up for its brevity by being packed with practical advice for both would-be and current executives wishing to land that elusive green dream job.

Using the business suit as a metaphor, Smolen aptly displays his expertise both in job-seeking and the Green sector.  The book begins with a brief overview of the history and status of sustainability in business, then moves quickly to the meat of the matter.  Chapter titles like “Gather Fabric of Your Green Business Executive Career – Education and Training,” “Taking Measure – Seeking Out, Landing and Creating Your Green Business Executive Job,” and “Pressing the Green Suit’s Corporate Culture” provide clues as to the practical content Smolen offers.  Smolen rounds out his Green executive job-hunting manual (yes, that’s really what this is, so if you’re in the market by all means get the book) with practical advice about how to conduct yourself once you actually find yourself wearing a Green suit of your own, as well as Green-sector suggestions for those with an entrepreneurial bent.

Top-level Green jobs: not easy, but oh-so-worth it!

Throughout the book, Smolen underscores the importance of self-improvement, acquiring skills and knowledge,  and integrity, as well as the positive impact one can have on the world once one has attained the rank of Green executive.  As he states in the final chapter:

“Tailoring the Green Suit is about form and function, empowering yourself for the green career of your dreams.  But it is also about process and detail.  For many years to come the information we acquire, the knowledge we develop, and the on-the-job skills we hone must never stop.  We are all part of the narrative, the unfolding story about the transformation of the world and its economies for a better, more sustainable future.”

It takes hard work and dedication to excel in any top-level career.  Double that when it’s Green.  But if you’re up for it, there’s room for you as a leader of the Green economy.  Reading Tailoring the Green Suit is a great first step to take towards getting there.

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