How to find green promotional items for your business

Are you tired of junky plastic promotional items, or promotional products that no-one really uses or appreciates?

Choosing sustainable promotional products for your business doesn’t just help the earth.  It demonstrates the integrity of your business.  Choosing sustainable promotional products wisely can also keep you top of mind because they’re likely to be items your prospects really do use or appreciate.

Where to look for  eco-friendly products to promote your business

A good rule of thumb when you’re looking for earth-friendly items to promote your business is to start your search close to home and move out from there.   Five  places to look:

Bottle openers
These recycled bicycle chain bottle openers from Resource Revival are practical and sustainable – a terrific green promotional item.

1. Your own company.

  • If you produce items that are easily made into samples, your work is easy.  Nothing will do a better job of telling prospects how good you are than by giving them a taste! But if that’s not possible, don’t despair.  You may be surprised at what you can come up with inside your own four walls.
  • You may have fantastic promotional item possibilities hidden in your ownwaste stream.   Do you have scrap fabric, wood or other materials that are currently being thrown into the landfill or otherwise disposed of? In addition to offering ready-made Green promotional products,  promotional item company Greengiftz works with companies to turn their scraps into beautiful items they can use as promos.
  • What if your company doesn’t produce anything physical that could be used to make things?  Well, don’t forget that information itself is an incredibly valuable commodity!  Why not offer your prospects a book, report, informational video,  calendar, tip sheet or other written item packed with great information they’ll love you for? (Heck, you can – and-should- include information too, even if you’re offering a tangible item!)

2. Your own home. Look around your home and garage for practical items that – imprinted with your name and logo – might make good giveaways.  After all, if you’re using it, others will probably appreciate it, too.  Some ideas to start you off:

  • Funnel (for reclaiming used oil or other substances)
  • Pressure gauge (for keeping tires at proper inflation for energy savings)
  • Switchplate (Imprinted with your logo and a friendly reminder to turn off the light when not in use.)
  • Wooden spoon or cutting board (made of sustainable bamboo or local wood)
  • Imprinted wooden clothespins and clothesline
  • Beeswax or soy candles
  • Pot holders

3. Your local community. Keep a look out for interesting locally made or produced items that would tie in to your brand or message.  Good places to look include your local farmer’s market or artist’s co-op.  Or perhaps you can find natural items indigenous to your area that can be used to make unique and beautiful natural promotional items.

4. Your network of contacts. Ask around at networking meetings or through LinkedIn or other social networks.  You might uncover the perfect promotional item for your Green business – and you’ll be spreading the word about your business at the same time!

5. Online sources. Nothing wrong with searching the Web for green promotional product ideas.  Here are some good places to start:

The Green Logo

Eco Promos Online

EcoBrander Promos


Green Promotional Items



Green by Sky High

Resource Revival (items made from old bicycle parts)

Ecobags (all sorts of eco-friendly reusable bags)

The following are mainstream promotional item sources that carry a good selection of eco-promotional products:


Garrett Specialties

Have you discovered a unique and sustainable item that you use to promote your business?  Let me know – if it’s a good one I’ll showcase it (and your business) in a future post!

Three Rules of Thumb for Choosing Promotional Items for Your Green Business