How to Use Your Business Credit Card to Help Save the Planet

Part of living sustainably is the wise and creative use of the resources we already have at our disposal. Today’s guest article by small business cash flow expert Liz Cutten reveals how you can use a resource you probably already carry in your pocket to do just a little more for the planet.

There’s a good chance that you have a credit card in your wallet right now, and if you’re a consumer in today’s market, I can show you how you can make your credit card not only work hard for your wallet, but for the planet as well.

If you don’t have a credit card, or maybe you have five already, let me first recommend the following cards that not only give you rewards, but help the planet as well:

  • Wachovia Platinum: For every point you get, you’re going to be able to exchange them for eco-friendly items such as cotton bags, solar powered lights and more.
  • Bank of America Sierra Club Card: For every purchase that is made, BofA will make a contribution to the Sierra Club, one of the largest environmental organizations.
  • Bank of America Nature Conservancy: For every dollar that you spend, they will donate a contribution to the Nature Conservancy.
  • Wells Fargo Rewards Card: For every dollar that you spend, you’re going to get points.  You can turn those points in for eco-friendly items, or you can donate points to support green power, and more.
  • American Express Business Gold Rewards Card: Purchases made with this charge card earn rewards points which can be redeemed for Terrapass travel carbon offsets and other eco-friendly items, or donated to your choice of over one million charities.

Now, what you’re going to find with the cards above is that some of them won’t require that you donate to a chartable cause, but as I mentioned, you will be able to purchase eco-friendly items such as a garden composter, etc.

How you can also help the planet with your credit card:

Go paperless: If you have a credit card already, or you’re thinking about applying for one, be sure to go paperless.  That way, the credit card company doesn’t have to mail out the bill to you, nor do they have to use paper.  Not only that, some companies will give you an incentive to sign up for paperless billing.

Use your rewards wisely: Again, if you get a card that helps groups, you will probably want to put your rewards toward it.  When you use your rewards towards groups, you will find that you won’t have anything shipped to your home.

Most of those cards up there are great cards to consider, when you’re looking to not only use a credit card, but get rewards as well.  Most of them have no fees, and shouldn’t cost you a dime, as long as you pay in full.  While credit cards sometimes get a bad reputation, it doesn’t mean you can’t use yours to make things better!

Liz Cutten is an expert on business credit cards and other small business cash flow options.  She offers tons of practical tips and helpful information for business owners on, a business credit card blog.