Use the “Rule of One” to laser-focus your marketing message

How to educate your customers effectively without causing confusion or turning them off

Part 1: Follow the “Rule of One”

This is a basic copywriting principle championed by master marketer and copywriter Michael Masterson.  It’s also an excellent rule of thumb for any kind of teaching.  The Rule of One states that you should address ONE idea at a time.  For example, if you’re writing an article don’t try to cover two different topics at once, even if they’re related.

Of course, within that article you may have several main points.  Just make sure that each point addresses ONE major idea, and that they all relate directly back to your ONE primary topic.  It’s really just a more sophisticated version of “Keep It Simple, Silly.”  Following the Rule of One will let you engage your reader more fully without distracting or confusing them.  By focusing on one primary idea you will make a much stronger impression and are more likely to persuade and convince your readers.

Use the Rule of One in all your advertising, marketing copy, and presentations for maximum clarity, impact and response.  It even works in management!