How to discover your true rankings on Google

Make Google spit out the truth

Don’t you hate it when people insist on telling you what they think you want to hear instead of the raw, naked truth?

Nowhere is this more frustrating than when you’re dealing with Google.

Google is amazingly user friendly. They make sure that when you’re searching, they feed you results you’re most likely to want to see.¬† They do this by tracking your browsing preferences and taking your past browsing history into account when dishing up search results.

While it’s a useful feature and easy to appreciate when you’re looking for personally relevant information, it can get a little annoying at times.¬† I won’t go into the privacy can of worms, but personally I find it awfully frustrating when I’m trying to determine actual search rankings for my sites.

Are we really #1 on Google…or is Google just telling us so to make us happy?

Fortunately, there are ways of making Google talk.

One easy way to get your true rankings on Google is to use a site called It allows you to search privately, without your identity being disclosed.

If you’re a really underhanded, sneaky, conniving person you may have used Scroogle to cheat your boss at work by typing your Christmas shopping (or whatever) search terms into their search box instead of doing whatever it was you were hired to do.

But there are legitimate ways to use Scroogle, too. One is to type in your primary keywords and get the real scoop on how you rank on Google.

Try it today. The results may surprise you.


1/6/14 Update: Scroogle is dead. Check out this forum thread for an effective solution using Google Chrome.