Client Testimonials

What Christie’s clients are saying…

Made My Life Easier

“Christie is AWESOME! Christie’s copy-writing expertise combined with her intuitive compassion makes being visible a whole lot simpler. She helped me rearrange my website in easy ways the more clearly express my message and passion in serving – a task that I dreaded became a lot of fun. And, that was after she organized, promoted, hosted and created copy for an August Abundance video summit – watching her work and getting to play with her was inspiring! If you want to show up – let Christie help you – she’s super talented and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Christie!”

Karen Perry, founder, Life Coaching with KP

Insightful Thought Leadership Content

“I really liked this article! Good job. I would never have guessed this was your first blog for us. You have grasped the industry very quickly. The content is easy to understand and your writing style has a good rhythm to it. I also appreciated that there were no typos or corrections needed. Thank you for reviewing it well before we received it.”

– Client in the Corporate Consulting industry 

Landing Clients With Integrity

“Today I used your sales script (to land a new client) and I loved it. It felt way more in integrity. Thank you!”

– Twyla Kowalchuk, Soul Shine Healing & Coaching

Fabulous Writing Services

“Your articles were FABULOUS! So love working with you and know there will be more opportunities to come….”

– Missy Henriksen, VP Public Affairs, National Association of Landscape Professionals

Invaluable to my success

“Anne’s (Christie’s) coaching helps me succeed as a writer. She guides me to take the next step when I have no I idea what to do. Her encouragement moves me forward when I’m feeling stuck and her enthusiasm helps me believe in myself.
“Her instructions are always simple and clear.
“Anne’s dedication for helping me grow as a writer and as a person have been absolutely invaluable to my success.”
– Bridget Stoll, Tucson, AZ

A High Level of Commitment and Caring

“(Y)our high standard of professionalism and level of commitment and caring set an example for how I can behave and what I can offer to my clients. You were also really tuned in to “me.” The care was very personal. And you were encouraging and loving but also set an expectation of high performance from me in return; the same level of commitment to my own well-being and success in my business as you are demonstrating on my behalf.”

– Lois Baker, business coaching client, Iowa City, IA

Highly Professional

“Thank you for the great job (designing my business card) and loved your professionalism and communication!”

– Owner, PHJ Collectibles, Marquette, MI

Clean copy doing well on social media

“Your stories have been doing very well on the site and on social. As for improvement, no suggestions at this time–the copy has been great, very clean.”

 Tim Gregorski, Content Director at Imagination Publishing

Invaluable team player

“Anne is a stellar, reliable and multidimensional freelance writer whose experience and expertise spans many niches. She has been invaluable to the growth of the content team at Straight North, and she delivers a quality product time after time. The attention and personal touch Anne applies to every assignment sets her apart from most freelance writers.”

Kelly Quain, Content Production Manager at Straight North

 Does a Great Job

“I think you are doing a great job in getting these (multiple project profiles requiring customer interviews) done for us!”

– Jamie Logan, Executive Administrative Assistant, County Materials Corporation

5X Increase in Pinterest Traffic

“The Pinterest traffic has increased 5 fold this week(!) so I guess it’s working. :-)”

– Alison Golden, founder,


“Finally got a chance to review these posts and wanted to thank you for a job well-done. I’ve had very mixed results with copywriters writing about solar topics – it’s nice to find one who seems comfortable with the subject matter.”

– Scott Hepburn, Ephricon Web Marketing

Getting More Customers

“Between the more active and consistent social media presence and my Facebook ads, I have been getting  more new customers. I am loving what you bring to the newsletter and social media. Thank you so very much. “

– Lisa D. Liguori, owner, Simple Beauty Minerals

Very Happy With Results

“Just wanted to let you know that all the shops involved in the sale were very happy with the results… Sunday’s traffic was nearly as good (as Saturday’s), and most of (the customers I asked) said the TV 6 story was responsible. I’m glad you thought to send out press releases because it really brought in people who watched the news on Sat. night.”

– Carole Prisk, owner, Tickled Pink, Negaunee, MI

 PR Paid Off

“Hi Anne it’s Pat Hennessy calling from Lowenstein’s Antique Mall, and I just wanted to call and let you know that your press release paid off. The local channel 6 news came and did a story on us and we’ve been on the local news twice already, and business has been great, yesterday and so far today. Just thought you wanted to know and we wanted to say thank you for sending out the press release.”

–  Pat Hennessy, co-manager, Lowenstein’s Antique Marketplace, Negaunee, MI

 Non-Stop Traffic

It was non-stop all day both days, just non-stop people.

– Steve LaForais, co-manager, Lowenstein’s Antique Marketplace, Negaunee, MI

 Gets “Voice” Right

“I thought your interpretation of my “voice” was excellent! Congratulations. :-)”

– Alison Golden, founder,

 Great Results in Short Order

“Have really enjoyed working with Anne to develop original articles for our solar energy company. She is very knowledgeable on green power and related subjects, writes very well and delivers great results in short order… She stands in stark contrast to other copy writers I have tried…”

-Lucas Ward, Solartree LLC   

Dependable and Creative

“A pleasure to work with. Anne follows guidelines and is creative in finding new things to write about. Dependable and completes the projects to my specifications.”

Matt (last name withheld upon request)

On Time and Gets it Right

“Anne is awesome. Gets work done on time and gets it right the first time. I would definitely recommend her.”

Jaishree Knauff

Highly Recommended

“Anne Michelsen has written some excellent articles for one of my websites. She is great at brainstorming ideas and also a very good writer. She can draw on her own experiences and she can also research and write about things she has less knowledge about. She is prompt, (and) has natural writing skills. She writes clearly and gets right to the point. She can be humorous when it helps the article. I hope to continue our professional relationship and I highly recommend Anne.”

Leonard Holmes
Website Owner

A Great Asset

“I own a fast growing business with an overflowing workload. So every now and then I need to hire freelancers to help “drain the swamp.” Anne has been a great asset in that respect. The writing and editing I give her comes back on time and as I want it. I would have no hesitations in recommending her.”

Sean Greely, NPE, LLC
(2008 Glaser-Kennedy Infomarketer of the Year)

Invaluable Editing Input

“After looking at the format you suggested, it will make my chapter far more powerful and I will be able to utilize it without reformatting for prospects as well as when I put together an information product for industrial salespeople.

“Your input is and will continue to be invaluable.”

Rich Fercy, Infomarketer ( and Glazer-Kennedy Salesman of the Year

Added a Genuine Voice to my Blog

“Anne is an extremely thoughtful writer and it comes across in all of (her) writing. She added a genuine voice to my blog postings and understands my goals as a design and branding firm focused on the green industry. It’s difficult not to come across as trite when promoting green services but Anne does an excellent job. Primarily because her practice and values align. Anne is an excellent asset to any creative endeavor and brings a wealth of knowledge on just about anything green.”

Carl Cummings, Principal, Carl Cummings Design

An Integral Part of my Team

“I hired Anne in 2009 to help me with copy writing responsibilities such as squeeze pages, landing pages, auto-responders, web copy, newsletter, etc all with the focus of increasing traffic and improving conversions.

Anne has done a great job of delivering on these responsibilities. She is an integral part of my team and plan to use her services through 2010 and beyond.”

Adrian Desbarats, CEO, Fashion & Earth

Understands Your Needs

“As a business owner herself, Anne Michelson (sic) understands the needs of other business people…to create more sales.

“Anne is a real problem-solver and it shows in her writing. She is knowledgeable about several fields, including art, music, retail clothing, and alternative energy sources.

“I’ve known Anne Michelson (sic) as a detail-oriented, helpful colleague. She has a unique way of expressing herself and gaining the reader’s attention.

“In fact, it’s pretty difficult to resist Anne’s sales letters. She gets people to click the ‘Buy Now’ button every time.”

-Janis Vazquez, Director,

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