Reach, Engage, and Sell to Elite Markets

On-Target Copywriting for Highly Educated, Highly Aware, and Affluent Audiences


Most marketing messages appeal to the mainstream consumer. But what if your target customer is not the average Joe?

You can’t talk to highly educated and highly aware audiences the same way you address the masses.

They won’t buy it. Literally.

Elite markets like these require a different approach:

  • The Intellectual Elite: Engineers, C-suite executives and other highly educated individuals
  • The Heart Elite: Environmentally, socially and spiritually aware audiences
  • The Financial Elite: Affluent markets, including luxury consumers and high end business buyers

They demand thought leadership.

The high-level individuals who make up these audiences are highly sensitive to nuances of word and meaning. They are typically highly educated and/or aware, and they want to do business with people who understand and sympathize with their worldview. They can be quite skeptical, and don’t like to be sold.

Hit them with conventional messaging and they’ll never trust you again.

But if you can reach them at their own level, befriend them, and earn their trust…

Well, then, you’ve likely won a customer for life.

Few copywriters have the sensitivity, experience, and insight to consistently and effectively speak to these audiences.

You’ve just found one of them.  

To learn more about how I can help you reach your affluent, environmentally aware, or other elite audience, contact me here.

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